10 Killer Business Lessons from Straight Outta Compton

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10 Killer Business Lessons from Straight Outta Compton


If you haven’t seen the film Straight Outta Compton — go check out. It’s a great movie filled with powerful business lessons that will help you achieve long-term success with your NonJob.

1. Follow Your Passion

Dr Dre and Ice Cube were passionate about rap and nothing was going to stop them from creating it and sharing it with the world. Dr Dre said fuck you to the owner of the club wanted him to play some of the mainstream music. He stuck to his guns, threw Ice Cube on stage and got massive validation from the crowd.

2. Be Authentic

The primary reason that their music that time broke through was because it was real and authentic. No one else was saying what they were saying. No one else had the balls to put it on the line like they did.

They entered the conversation that was happening in many people’s minds. They gave them emotional release. They gave them a voice.

3. Build killer skills

All of them were great rappers with potent lyric writing capabilities. Can you imagine Ice Cube stepping on stage with lame lyrics delivered with crappy rhythms? He would of been laughed off the stage. They worked hard on developing those skills. If they didn’t have the goods they probably would of never had became successful.

You’ve got to pay your dues and build killer skills. Can you imagine someone thinking they can compete at the Olympics without years of training? Why expect business to be any different? You’re competing against everyone else in your industry.

TRAIN hard… never stop learning and build strong skills.

4. Hustle hard

Almost all the successful rappers came from hustling background from Easy-E to Jay Z.

Easy-E’s early record sales came from playing clubs in hustling cassettes and albums to the crowd.

When you’re getting started with your NonJob – you gotta be ready to hustle your ass off and make that dream happen. Dream big + Massive Action = NonJob Success

5. Stay integrated with the numbers

Easy-E found out years later the hard way, that the business had been run amok. Tons of invoices hadn’t been paid and the business was going sideways. Had Easy-E gotten integrated with the numbers earlier on it would’ve prevented a lot of problems and kept the business on track.

6. Be willing to walk away when your core values are being violated.

Ice cube walked away from $75,000 (which a lot of money back then — and it was a lot of money to him at the time) to go do his own thing because he saw Jerry’s conniving nature.

Dre walked away from a small fortune from Suge to do his own thing because he became sick and tired of being surrounded by the criminal element. And has become one of the wealthiest musicians alive.

7. Don’t cross the lines

Most of us at one point or another will be faced with ethical decisions which could give us more money (short-term) if we cross certain legal lines.

Those decisions rarely pay off in the long run.

N.W.A. lost Ice Cube and Dr Dre by creating unethical contracts. How how much money did they lose as a result?

Another example is Suge Knight. Death Row Records stagnated after Knight’s incarceration on probation violation charges in September 1996 and went bankrupt in 2006 and Suge is now facing life in prison.

We live in a world where everyone is monitored and bad news spreads on the internet like a virus. There is no “getting away” with shit. Ask Martha Stewart about this.

8. Craft, read, and understand contracts carefully.

Always take the time to carefully craft, read and understand any deal you’re entering. Had Dr Dre taken the time to understand the contract before they got on board instead — they might of all stay together for the long-haul.

They all lost major money due to burying their heads in the sand. I did this mistake early in my business career and it cost me dearly financially and emotionally.

9. Partner up with the right people

Dr. Dre, Eazy-E and Ice Cube had an amazing synergy. They complimented each other musically. Perhaps they might not of broken through if they had started as solo artist.

Even though they all became successes on their own eventually the synergy they had out of the gate was a big part of the early success. And they owe a huge part of their individual fame to the success of N.W.A.

10. Become Allies

There is 10 times more money to be made being allies with your competition than playing cut-throat games. Easy-E and Jerry learned this the hard way. Easy-E lost his creative focus after they left worrying about his rivals.

You don’t need to “wage war” in business. Wars cost money — A LOT OF MONEY. Instead focus on building alliances.

The most successful internet marketers create alliances and co-promote each other using their affiliate programs. They get together in masterminds and share their best techniques to help each other grow.

When the ocean rises, all the ships rise with it. Find and connect with other NonJobbers and help each other grow to the top.


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