What is NonJobsTM?

NonJobsTM is a worldwide movement of freedom.

Freedom from putting up with hating what we do for a living.

Freedom from having working at a job that drains us.

Freedom from limiting beliefs that others impose on us.

At NonJobsTM, we have a community of entrepreneurs and value creators who make the world a better place through innovative businesses and ventures.

NonJobbers operate in a different paradigm. A paradigm free of entitlement. A paradigm where value comes first, and compensation comes second.

NonJobbers become world class at providing value to the world. As a result, NonJobbers develop the skills to build businesses from scratch, and never go hungry.

Our Services

NonJobbers learn the skills and expertise needed to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. Regardless of circumstance, NonJobbers become knowledgeable and fluent with what it takes to build a business from scratch.

At NonJobsTM, we will consult with you on our business building strategies and share our personal success strategies on…

  • How to identify business ideas.

  • How to select profitable markets to build businesses in.

  • How to create products and services that people happily pay for.

  • How to market your business online through multiple modalities: copywriting, pay per click advertising, list building, and more.

  • How to scale your business to serve more customers in your market.

  • How to automate tasks in your business so you can focus on the most important and high leverage work.

  • And more…

We provide the beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert stages of the business building journey.


Our mission is to help 500,000 people become NonJobbers by the year 2020.

How will we measure this?

If you’re able to sustain yourself solely through your NonJob, and don’t require a “job” anymore — you’ve become one of those 500,000 people.

Who are we?

Elliott Hulse

Elliott Hulse

Elliott is a serial entrepreneur who has built wildly successful businesses online and offline since 2007. He is the founder and owner of Strength Camp, a popular gym in St. Petersburg Florida that trains athletes to become professional in various sports. He has also grown the Strength Camp brand to over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. The Strength Camp YouTube channel is often rated by its subscribers as the most reliable source of athletic and physiological knowledge on the internet. Elliott has also created a multi-million dollar digital publishing company with his expertise in digital product creation and publishing.

Matt Gallant

Matt Gallant

Matt has built multiple seven figure businesses over the last 18 years. His range of experience spans greatly. Back in the day, he was knocking on doors in the middle of February shivering in -30°C Canadian weather to do painting estimates for College Pro Painters. And then he went on to creating Mixed Martial Arts instructional DVDs… to building one of the biggest instructional music-learning companies in the world… to creating over 70 different products and more. His marketing feats include collecting over 5 million leads and performing over 10,000 scientific marketing tests.

Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel

Dave has founded and managed multiple seven figure online companies. He’s an expert online marketer and digital publisher in the health and wellness market. He specializes in creating business systems that maximize profit rapidly. Among his peers, he’s known as the man who can optimize and scale a company’s profit faster than anyone else.