Live for Nothing or Die for Something

I first heard this quote from a Rambo movie and it’s stuck with me ever since.

NonJobs | Defining Your Core MessageAlright, so I don’t want people to actually ‘die’ for something this very moment, but it’s the precise example of what I talk about in my video today:

NonJobs™ Video Release >> Defining Your Core Message

If you want to pursue your dream, you must first clearly define what it is you stand for, what you are passionate about and how you really want to leave your mark on the world.

I am going to explain exactly what I mean and how to do this so listen up. I am going to share with you ways you can define your core message… which basically aligns your passion, your expertise, and your audience to generate profits.

Before I share how you can create your core message, it’s critical to understand that there are 3 critical factors for your Non Job to succeed.


Your passion is what will make it feel like you “never work”.

Your passion is what is going to drive you to the top of the ladder.

Your passion is what is going to help you overcome the challenges that you face.

A simple test to help you know if what you’re doing is your passion is… would you do it alone on a Friday night… for FREE?

If you find yourself reading about certain topics a lot — it can be a sign that it’s your calling.

The 2nd critical factor is your MONEY-MAKING SKILLS.

Without money-making skills, you will be forced to be an employee for someone else.

You might even be forced to do work that you hate to do.

At NonJobs™ Summit, we will show you several different money-making skills that you can develop into your Non Job. These 5 money making skills are the most powerful, flexible skills that we have found to create the life of our dreams.

The 3rd critical factor is your AUDIENCE’S DESIRES.

NonJobs | 3 Critical FactorsIf you don’t understand your audience’s desires and how to fulfill them, you will never be able to monetize your passion and use your skills.

Ultimately, your NonJob is going to SERVE people. Never forget that.

When these critical factors intersect — you will now have your Non Job.

Check out my NonJobs™ Video on how to >> Defining Your Core Message.

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Author: Elliott Hulse

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