Discover The Five Skills To NonJob Freedom

  • Do you dream of having a career that you are passionate about, or owning a business that makes a positive impact in the lives of others... but aren't sure how to get started?

  • Would you like to create a product, a service, or to share your inspirational story that empowers other people... and also gives you total creative freedom over your time, work and energy?

  • Do you want to earn enough money, and have enough freedom to spend time with the most important people in your life?

  • How about owning an automated money machine that generates profits literally while you sleep, travel and have fun?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions, then keep on reading below.

Dear Soon-To-Be Non Jobber,

It's Elliott here.

If you're reading this letter, you most likely know me and what I'm about.

You might know that I have two YouTube channels with 2 million subscribers.

I shoot videos about becoming the Strongest Version of Yourself, inside and outside the gym.

I'm in a good place now financially -- and have been, for the past 3 or so years.

I live in a nice and spacious home... a safe neighborhood for my kids... and I've gotten out of over $90,000 in debt.

I've got plenty of cash in the bank, and it keeps on coming whether I’m sleeping, traveling or having fun with my kids.

But Things Weren't Always This Good.

As you may already know, before I started Strength Camp, I was a personal trainer at a privately owned gym.

I had just moved to Florida from New York with my wife and first daughter, shortly out of college.

Within 3 months of working there, I had become the busiest trainer.

I felt on top of the world. I had the most clients. And everybody wanted to work with me.

I was on my game.

There was something that separated me from the other trainers… and it wasn’t how good we were at training people.

The difference was …

They’d go home and drink beer after work, While I’d go home and study marketing and sales.

I learned from the best. I bought programs from Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, and Paul Chek. I attended seminars and workshops.

I sharpened my skills because I had to provide for my growing family.

My skills got better and better and things were going well.

But eventually the owner decided to turn the gym corporate into a big box location.

They started implementing rules, meetings, and structures that didn’t align with the way I wanted to do things.

I hated how they were breathing down my neck with every move I made.

Given how successful I was at the gym, I knew in my gut I didn’t need them.

I had marketing and sales skills that were proven to already work. I knew how to train people. And I hated what the company was turning into.

There was no reason for me to stay.

So with $90,000 in debt, a mortgage, And a second daughter on the way …

I took the leap on my own and started Strength Camp.

As long as I had the skills to market and sell, I knew I’d make it, even if it didn’t happen right away.

Things started small and I had to be creative.

I started training kids out of the back of my 1988 Ford van.

Then when some cash started coming in, I moved Strength Camp to a garage that costed $900/month for rent.

And then I moved the gym again, to Strength Camp 2.0, where you’ve seen me shoot the majority of my YouTube videos.

And now we’re finally at Strength Camp 3.0, the 8000 square foot gym where I’ve now got staff, interns, and residents.

Things didn’t happen overnight, and it took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.

However, things have turned out very well, and I’ve been able to create the life of my dreams and built a business around my core values and vocation.

By Following Proven Strategies, I Got Out Of Debt Fast And Gave My Family The Life They Deserve.

Today... because I invested so much into my business education, I'm STILL reaping the rewards day after day. And I’ll STILL be reaping the rewards decades from now.

Money flows into my bank account on the weekend... while I'm sleeping in... while I'm playing with my kids... and even while I'm eating my mom's homemade fried chicken when visiting my parent's house.

I do what I want each and every day.

I workout at the Strength Camp gym when I feel like it, shoot videos when I feel like it, and talk about stuff I ENJOY ... and get paid for it.

I have the free time to do corrective stretching, Tai Chi, and Bio-Energetics whenever I please.

Sometimes I spend an hour or two just chillin in the hammock reading some cool new stuff, upgrading my mind… and while I'm doing it, my bank account is growing.

I love taking my family on weekend trips around Florida. And last summer we flew to Europe for 3 weeks and had a blast.

I'm not saying this to impress you.

I'm saying this to impress UPON YOU -- what YOU can do.

I just want you to know what’s possible when you invest in yourself, your business education, and TAKE ACTION.

I want to show you what's possible when you learn from others who have already succeeded, and are more experienced than you.

Because that's exactly what I did.

Had I not set my ego aside and learned from others… I'd probably be broke to the bone today, maybe buried under $500,000 in debt, and possibly ruined my family.

I’m Gonna Hook You Up With The 5 Money-Making Skills That Will Make Your Non Job Dreams Happen

Whether you’re broke and just getting started, or you’re running a million dollar company… the skills required to make money remain the same.

The unfortunate thing is that most people don’t know or have these 5 critical skills. That’s why 80% of businesses fail within the first year of business.

However — if you develop these 5 skills — you’ll be virtually guaranteed to succeed. Introducing...

The Five Skills To NonJob Freedom

My partners and I have been working hard for the last 2 years to create the golden ticket you need to become a full-time NonJobber.

The Five Skills To NonJob Freedom system gives you the exact skills my partners and I have used to build multiple million dollar companies from scratch.

All of us have been where you are now. Let me tell you a bit more about my friends...

Matt Gallant was born and raised on a dead end street in a village of 350 people in the poorest province of Canada.

Everyone including his father thought he was gonna go bankrupt when he started his NonJob. Now he’s a multi-millionaire living the dream in Panama with his lovely wife.

Dave Ruel was born and raised on a small French island where everyone is extremely “small minded”. He didn’t know anyone who was an entrepreneur. He didn’t even know anyone who knew anyone who was an entrepreneur.

But he broke through and has created his dream life with his family and lives the “good life”.

We all use these Five Skills to make millions everyday.

The amazing thing is, you don’t even need to become great at all of them. Just master one or two of these skills and you’ll never worry about money again. Dave, Matt and myself are only good at a couple of these.

You only need to learn one or two of these dream-building skills.

NonJob Freedom Skill #1: Traffic Generation

Traffic generation includes: SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click (PPC) on Google and Facebook, social media including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, content marketing, affiliate marketing and more.

Everything else being equal — if you add a zero to your traffic, you’ll add a zero to your income.

If you’re making $1000 a month from 500 visitors, and you go to 5,000 visitors you’ll make $10,000.

Go from 5,000 to 50,000 visitors and you’ll be making $100,000 a month.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. Whether you’re online or brick and mortar — you need traffic.

If you’re an artist or musician, you need an audience to listen to your songs and go to your your concerts.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you need people to walk into your restaurant and eat your food.

If you’re a personal trainer, you need people to come by your gym or your website and find out about you.

No matter what business you’re in, you’ve gotta have people being exposed to it. That’s what traffic is all about.

“Build it and they will come” is one of The greatest business delusions.

It’s up to you to make “all roads lead to you”. And that’s what traffic generation is about. You BUILD hundreds of different roads all leading to your business and website.

You control your income.

You can write the greatest book in the world, bake the tastiest cake ever made, and be the greatest trainer on Earth -- if people don’t know about you… they won’t buy.

There’s few things more exciting than looking at your stats and seeing visitors constantly climb. This is what you’re going to experience once you put this profit-making module in action.

This module is designed to “turn on” traffic for your business at the flip of a switch -- even if you’re just getting started.

It’s not as hard as some people think. You just have to follow the proven process and you’ll get the results.

Inside of 5 Skills To NonJobs Freedom course, Matt Gallant goes deep into the best traffic sources. Matt has been generating MILLIONS of visitors a year to his websites for the past 13 years. He’s mastered virtually every type of traffic and he’s going to give you dozens and dozens of proven tactics, techniques and strategies such as:

  • The #1 way to start getting tons of traffic when you have NO MONEY. It’s also the FASTEST WAY to reach 6 figures.

  • The hottest social media platform to focus on RIGHT NOW (and no it’s not Facebook). You’ll learn how to grow it by tens of thousands of followers with just 5 minutes a day (for real). However you have to jump on this NOW because I expect this platform to make things a lot harder in the next 18 months.

  • Got a brick and mortar business? Then you can easily DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS from the 3 essential traffic sources you need for ANY BUSINESS. The best part is: the #1 local traffic source is WIDE OPEN right now. It’s being completely ignored by 95% of local companies yet it’s the most valuable traffic source.

  • The #1 platform that Matt’s used to generate TENS OF MILLIONS OF VISITORS to his websites. It’s awesome because it’s: 100% scalable, controllable and predictable. You’ll get half a dozen life-or-death keys to success that make all the difference in the world.

  • What’s the truth about SEO? What works? What doesn’t? Should you do it? Should you ignore it? Learn the COLD HARD FACTS so you don’t waste your precious money.

  • The easiest way to get traffic on Instagram. The craziest part is it literally only takes 2 minutes a day.

  • Facebook pay-per-click is an ABSOLUTELY GOLDMINE once you know a few critical factors that will 3X your results.

  • WARNING: You MUST pay attention to the new Facebook rules because they will ban you for life. Facebook has been giving lifetime bans to hundreds of thousands of advertisers. Discover the truth from someone who’s in the trenches every day.

  • Discover 10 ways to maximize your odds of victory (and minimize the odds of losing money) when doing a Google Adwords campaign.

  • How to create descriptions and tags for your Youtube videos. Mess this up and you’ll get a fraction of the traffic you deserve.

  • The 5 types of killer content you can easily create to build an audience and generate traffic. This is one of the best ways to get to 6 figures on a shoestring budget.

  • How to generate a consistent stream of traffic and customers for your business on Facebook without paying for ads.

  • 10 Instagram strategies that generate a flood of customers without having to pay a penny.

  • The step-by-step process Matt has used to set Google Adwords up to sell tens of millions of products. Don’t even think of doing Adwords before you watch this.

  • Matt’s proven strategy for selecting keywords to use in Google Adwords. You MUST pay close attention here because if you mess this up, you’re screwed.

  • Matt’s little-known, yet powerful “smart bidding strategy” that gets you very cheap clicks and maximizes your profits. Even most Adwords pros don’t know this one.

  • REAL examples of Google Ads that Matt has tested and proven to be winners in his 7 figure businesses. You’ll be SHOCKED at some of these examples (I know I was).

  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to use Facebook Ads to get traffic to your business. This should be on your top priorities because Facebook is extremely valuable right now.

  • Matt’s formula for tripling your website traffic and sales from your YouTube videos. Even I didn’t know this trick. It’s one of the easiest tweaks you can do and every time it triples traffic.

  • 3 fool-proof methods for generating cheap and qualified traffic to brick and mortar businesses. Best of all: these methods cost almost nothing to implement and can yield MASSIVE results.

  • And much more …

NonJob Freedom Skill #2: Direct Response Marketing

Once you’ve got traffic, now it’s time to turn that traffic into money. And there’s no better way than direct response marketing.

When you learn and master direct response marketing, you’ll be able to successfully build a business in ANY INDUSTRY you want. You’ll be 100% in control of your destiny.

Direct response marketing is the process of directly going for the sale.

One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is to have their primary focus on “branding”. They try to copy big brands that have billion dollar ad budgets and have been around for decades. It’s a surefire way to going out of business.

When you’re starting a new business, you need to generate cashflow FAST. That’s what direct response marketing gives you.

You invest $100 and $500 comes back within a few days later.

Then you invest that $500 and $1500 comes back.

Direct response marketing is SCIENTIFIC and TRACKABLE. There’s no guessing and hoping.

You keep snowballing your profits and next thing you know you’re making 6 figures a month. My friend Matt Gallant has done this process MANY TIMES.

He started one of the biggest instructional music companies in the world with $100.

He started a multi-million dollar Supplement company with $50.

He launched a best selling skin care formula using less than $100 that ended up selling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And you can do it too, once you learn the art and science of direct response marketing.

What about branding, should you worry about it?

YES, but only as a side-effect of great direct response. For an example, ads for Matt Gallant’s instructional music company has been seen over 10 BILLION times. Was that his primary goal? Hell no. His primary goal was generating tens of millions of dollars which he did. The exposure and branding are just cool secondary benefits.

Direct response marketing allows you to create PREDICTABLE MONEY-GENERATING MACHINES.

This module is brought to you by yours truly and my business partner Dave Ruel.

Dave is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several 7-figure online companies. He specializes in creating business systems that maximize profit rapidly.

Amongst his peers, he’s known as the architect, the man who can create highly efficient and sustainable business structures.

Dave pulls back the curtains and shows you…

Exactly how all the top online businesses are structuring Their direct response marketing funnels with what we call “The Business Engine”.

This Business Engine is NOT optional. Online businesses that go online and try to compete without it are almost all guaranteed to fail because they won’t be able to compete against those that use the Business Engine.

The Business Engine easily multiples your revenue per visitor by 200% to 500%. And if you want to compete against other smart marketers you need to maximize your revenue from every visitor.

Then we pump the Business Engine with some high octane gasoline when I reveal my latest breakthroughs on the famous NonJobs Ladder concept.

The NonJobs Ladder combined with the Business Engine is one of the most powerful cash-producing combos in business.

Here’s some of the gold nuggets you’re gonna get from Dave and I:

  • How to build a “Business Engine” that gets cash flowing even when you’re not around to “drive” the business. This allows your business to keep growing even while you’re away, or spending time growing other businesses.

  • The 6 Critical Factors of your business engine. All of Dave’s businesses contain these 6 factors and allow him to run them completely hands off and give him time to focus on sipping new scotches and pairing it with the finest cigars.

  • How Dave generates traffic and leads to his businesses without paying for advertising. 99% of Dave’s online millions have NOT come from advertising.

  • How Dave is able to interact with his customers and market to them even when while he’s away on vacation in Barbados, playing with his daughter and wrestling his devilish little dog Kanaille. HINT: this doesn’t require people or staff.

  • How to turn a $20 customer into a $2000 customer without doing 1-to-1 sales calls, pitching them hard, or being a sleazy salesman. There’s a proven and tested system Dave uses to make this happen predictably.

  • Dave’s breakthrough strategy for getting happy lifelong customers … even if they said “no” to you and left your website when they first time visited. This alone can boost your business by 50% or more.

  • How I doubled my income without selling more products with my updated “Million Dollar YouTube Funnel”

  • My unique method for finding the BEST names for my videos so they get watched by hundreds of thousands of people. This is how I triple my views.

  • 4 little tweaks I make to EVERY YouTube video to generate INCOME, not just views. I make 5X to 10X more money than most Youtube celebrities in my niche because of these simple changes.

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the 3 product archetypes I sell in MY YouTube Funnel. It’s way easier to do this than you think. You’ll be banging out products and profits like a boss.

  • The “Million Dollar Heartbeat Method” I use to generate traffic from Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all at the same time, with just ONE video. This is how you triple the returns from your content.

  • My tested and proven YouTube tactics to build your audience faster. Almost no one knows these simple secrets. I had to figure these out on my own and and for the first time ever you can own them and profit from them.

  • And more…

NonJob Freedom Skill #3: Sales And Presentations

Becoming GOOD at sales and doing presentations is one of the most valuable skills ANYONE can learn.

There are thousands of trainers that know a lot of what I know when it comes to training… Hundreds of people are stronger than me in various lifts. However they have a fraction of my following -- why?

I became one of the biggest fitness celebrities in the world because of my PRESENTATION skills.

You can become a LEGEND, a celebrity, the ultimate authority in your market if you have great presentation skills.

Every Youtube celebrity you see is skilled at PRESENTATIONS. Everyone you see successfully selling from the stage is good at presentations.

When you share your ideas with your business partners, investors, employees -- you’re making PRESENTATIONS.

If you want to become a one man money machine...

Then combine presentation skills with salesmanship.

Maybe you have a bad perception of “salesmen”. I don’t blame you -- there’s a lot of slimy ones out there. However, don’t confuse “selling” with high pressure salesman who use sleazy tactics and trick people into buying lemons and duds.


Selling, when done right, is just sharing the value of what you have to offer clearly, and aligning it with the needs of your customers.

Musicians persuade event A & R guys, record labels and promoters to give them a shot. They sell other musicians to go record with them or bring them on tour.

Restaurant owners make their menus look awesome and have waiters and waitresses sell expensive bottles of wine, appetizers and desserts to go with their meals.

Personal trainers offer programs and training packages, convincing their prospects to take the most suitable package to achieve their goals.

Even when you want to go see a new movie that your partner might not be excited about, you often have to use some salesmenship to get them excited.

Selling is a part of everyone’s life. Becoming skilled at presentations and sales is going to greatly accelerate your success in your Non Jobs no matter what field you’re in.

Sales is oxygen for your businesses.

If your sales are too low, your business dies.

In this module, you get some instantly-applicable video marketing tactics from the King of Youtube Fitness, myself, and some one-on-one sales skills from superstar salesmen Sherman Supley.

Sherman Supley is a world-class salesmen who can definitely sell ice to eskimos. He’s sold everything from guitars, cookware, hearing aids, supplements, online memberships and more. He’s generated as much as $250,000 in sales in 1 weekend. He’s a true master at his craft.

In this module you’ll get selling systems, strategies, and shortcuts that have been tested and proven such as:

  • The 7 step process that Sherman used to sell over $250,000 of cookware in a single weekend.

  • How to use the “Yes Pattern” — an advanced psychological trick that conditions your customers to say “yes” when you ask them to buy. Remember: sales and marketing are the life of your business. You can use this pattern to get almost anything you want out of life. I just have one request: Please don’t become a “dark wizard” and use this magic for evil.

  • How to easily build rapport with your customers so they quickly like you, trust you and want to buy from you.

  • What customers are really saying when they hesitate with buying your product or service and how you should handle that. This technique alone can increase your sales results by 30%. (Keep in mind 30% of $1,000,000 = $300,000)

  • It doesn’t matter what business you’re in: fitness, restaurant or online -- You will increase your sales from the The 7 step sales system Sherman’s used to profit

Many people have paid me THOUSANDS of dollars to have me break down why I’m so successful on Youtube and social media.

How have I been able to generate hundreds of millions of views with ZERO advertising? For the first time ever, I decode the magic behind the camera.

Your video marketing game is gonna explode once you start integrating stuff like:

  • How close should you be to the camera? What should you be doing with your body when you’re on camera (even if you can’t see it)? What about your eyes? Every little thing matters and few people have nailed it like me.

  • How to create killer video titles that generate hundreds of thousands of views, shares, likes and comments. The right title can multiply your views by 500%.

  • The most vital daily ritual you should do if you’re serious about dominating on YouTube.

  • I go deep and explain the invisible success factors behind my biggest video hits.

  • And more …

NonJob Freedom Skill #4: Copywriting

Your success will not be dictated by how good you are or how good your product is. It will be dictated by how good your marketing and copywriting is.

I know this might sound unfair -- but it’s reality.

VHS beat Beta cassette tapes (beta was a better tech).

Tons of great electronic musicians are unknown compared to famous DJs with killer social media skills.

The Kardashians are some of the richest people in Hollywood, and their ONLY skills are marketing and publicity.

I know some multi-million dollar fitness products that are PURE CRAP. Their entire success was due to their marketing.

By mastering this module, you’ll possess the power to make money from anywhere in the world: coffee shops, hotels, beaches -- the only thing you need is a laptop.

Copywriting is the art and science of using words to persuade and motivate people to take action.

Some people call it “salesmenship in print”.

Words are extremely powerful. Words start wars… words heal wounds… and words motivate, inspire and persuade people to take action.

Every word on your website, social media and emails influence the results. Every word on your order page can make or break the sale. Every word in every ad affects its success. The right words in a Facebook post can make it go viral and explode.

When you know the craft of copywriting, you stop guessing and you KNOW what works. You understand how to activate people’s psychological triggers.

Here’s something I want you to write on a piece of paper on and stick it everywhere:

“I’m just one good sales letter away from being a successful NonJobber”.

If people aren’t buying from your website, it’s not because your stuff isn’t good — it’s because you’re not effectively communicate how great it is.

Almost all the BEST-SELLING books and exercise programs you see on the internet have been created by people who have these money making skills including: Beach Body (creators of P90X), Venus Factor, Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle, etc..

And this is true in virtually every industry.

How is this possible? Because if you can write good copy, you can sell whatever you want. Again: PLEASE use these magical skills for GOOD.

My business partner and marketing wizard, Matt Gallant is gonna blow your mind and give you the keys to the NonJob Kingdom with what he has to share about copywriting:

  • The 3 phases of copywriting. Most people only do one and ignore the other two including the most important one (which is the last one).

  • The most important question you need to ask yourself before you write a single word. The right answer can multiply your profits by 10X.

  • 12 power questions that automatically help you create winning sales letters and grow the bottom line of your business. HINT: Get a friend to record you answering these 12 questions, get the audio transcribed and you’ve got the core your sales message. Yup — it’s that easy.

  • The proven, multi-million dollar sales letter template you can use immediately to launch your NonJob. Just plug-and-play -- and rock and roll. This template has been perfected with millions in advertising spent and thousands of marketing tests.

  • How adding 3 questions at the right place almost always increases sales by 15% to 20%.

  • What you should NEVER DO with testimonials because it almost always lowers results. Almost no one knows this stuff because Matt’s a mad marketing scientist who loves testing this kind of shit.

  • The exact formula for writing killer headlines that can double your NonJob revenue.

  • The type of “killer content” that produces sales like crazy. Best of all: Facebook and Google LOVE it and will happily send you a tsunami of traffic.

  • Avoid the biggest mistakes that 99% of websites make that kill their sales.

  • The C.U.B.A. formula that automatically cleans up all the weaknesses in your copy.

  • The 20 Step “Power Edit” Checklist that instantly makes your life easier when writing communication to your customers. Just follow it and you’ll improve your marketing instantly.

  • And much more…

How do you take copywriting and Persuasion to the next level?

You stack it with INFLUENCE.

Matt and I have performed several marketing experiments and we’ve found that the combination of: influence + persuasion can TRIPLE sales.

Based on the results I’ve achieved in the last few years, it’s safe to say that I’ve mastered INFLUENCE.

By combining the skill of INFLUENTIAL writing with copywriting, I stay true to my core mission of helping you Grow Stronger and Empower others … while cultivating profits and harvesting a King’s fortune.

If you want to sell and make money while staying true to your voice and vocation, marrying the two skills together is essential.

That’s why in this module I share with you my most sacred knowledge and experience when it comes to writing with influence and becoming a Legend.

Here’s some of the gems you’re gonna get…

  • 8 reasons why becoming a Legendary writer is gonna make your NonJobs success 10X easier.

  • The 5 question “acid test” I use to monitor how influential my writing is. This data will allow you to rapidly become a Legend yourself in whatever industry you’re in.

  • How to be seen as the ultimate authority and expert by your audience even if you don’t have any “credentials”, or special letters after your name (like MBA, MD, PhD, etc.)

  • 4 “Legend fundamentals” I’ve used to build deep rapport, loyalty, and attraction with my subscribers and audience. These alone are easily worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if you apply them.

  • How to create a Powerful Personal Narrative that automatically turns you into a celebrity while building your audience of rabid fans.

  • How to write your own Story Of Influence: the exact formula I used to go from a broke strength coach running Strength Camp out of the back of a van... to a prolific thought leader in the world of fitness with over 2 million global subscribers on YouTube.

  • How I come up with eye-catching video titles and headlines that stand out from crowd. These tactics could easily double or triple your YouTube views.

  • 10 content types I use as my “go-to” for writing and video ideas. You’ll never run out of killer ideas with these 10 proven winners.

  • And much more …

NonJob Freedom Skill #5: Business Management

Once you use any of the first four money making skills, your business is gonna BLOW UP. You’ll quite likely have more business than you can handle.

This is where business management becomes critical.

Business management is the skill that allows you to build a DREAM LIFESTYLE. It’s the skill that allows you to create a business that works for you instead of the other way around.

If you want to go on vacation for months and have your business continue to grow, then master business management.

Business management is about putting the right people and systems in place so things run smooth.

This year, I traveled the Europe and Canada with my beautiful wife and my 4 awesome kids. Meanwhile my businesses were still bringing home the bacon.

And this year, we smashed all revenue records.

How was this possible? Business management.

You’ve only got so much time in your day, and your time is valuable.

That’s why business management skills are so critical — so you can scale your business and get the right people in the right positions, allowing you to run your business as hands off or on as you want.

Eventually your business will outgrow you, which is a great thing. To scale you’ll need to hire employees and build systems that help you scale your business.

Dave Ruel steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park by saving you YEARS of trial and error. Dave gives you the shortcuts he uses every day to manage multiple businesses in a STRESS-FREE way.

These secrets are going to give you your dream lifestyle. These methods allow you to travel the world, work 5 to 10 hours a week and have your business be rocking and rolling.

More specifically, you’re gonna learn …

  • The 4 step formula Dave used to map his path to 7 figure freedom and success. Following this formula allowed him to create a business that lets him travel the world on a whim, whenever he feels like it, and spend as much time as he wants with his family.

  • Dave’s 2 minute shortcut to finding the solution to 95% of his business problems.

  • Dave’s “Crab Bucket Theory”: how to prioritize your time so you don’t end up at the “bottom of the barrel”.

  • 9 ways Dave is making money online. He opens the curtains wide and shares with you exactly what’s going on behind that scenes that brings automated cash flow into his businesses.

  • Where Dave goes to get the most cutting edge business education. It’s definitely not business school, or fancy University.

  • The VERY first person you should hire for your business. This person will relieve you of 20 hours a week of work time so you can continue building your business engine.

  • What you should NEVER outsource or in your business. You must keep these vital money moves for yourself if you want your business to continue growing.

  • How to “dummy test” your hires so you ensure you’re only getting grade A players. It’s VITAL that you hire only superstars. Shockingly: studies estimate that hiring a “B-grader” instead of a star leads to a $2 million dollar loss on average.

  • Dave’s favorite place to find employees and contractors: this is how he’s able to free up his time and run his businesses hands off. Best of all, it’s an online platform you can access from your home and it gives you GLOBAL POWER.

Get These Money Making Skills Fast From Those Who Have Been There And Are Rocking It

Just like how I learned from my mentors, I strongly feel you should learn from others too -- from people who have walked the talk.

In this day and age, there’s lots of programs teaching you how to make money online.

Unfortunately, A LOT of them are created by people who have never actually made money online, outside of selling their “how to make money” courses.

That’s why I’ve put together a program with my business partners to share with you how can get these 5 money-making skills FAST.

My partners and I have built businesses in many different niches: from dog walking, personal training, self defense, software, skin care, guitar teaching and more…

All of us have built several businesses from ZERO to 7 figures using these 5 NonJob Freedom skills.

Is It Really Possible For A Young Dreamer With No ExperienceTo Become A NonJobber?

Maybe you’re thinking: “Matt, Dave, and Elliott -- you’re business pros. You’re naturals. I can’t really relate.”

This is why we brought two students from the 2014 Non Jobs Summit to share how they’ve become full time NonJobbers living the dream.

Both of them we’re FLAT BROKE just a year or two ago.

We’re very proud to introduce you to Luke Voigt and Gina LoMonaco.

Just 13 months ago, Luke was living in the basement of his parent’s house. Fast forward to today, he’s living the dream out in San Diego, meeting girls and having fun... making hefty bank every month and has life by the balls.

A couple of years ago, Gina was a poor, tired, frustrated spa worker. She felt trapped in a corporate job she didn’t love. One day, she said “Enough is enough” and quit.

Fast forward to today, Gina and her husband Rick have the #1 gym in Augusta, Maine, she’s a sponsored athlete, and is taking her brand to the world.

If you’re just starting out, you’re gonna LOVE what Luke and Gina have to share with you:

  • The exact mental process that Gina used to quit the job she hated and open her own gym even though she had NO MONEY and was full of fear.

  • 5 questions Gina used to discover her passion. If you’ve been asking yourself “what is my passion!?”, then these will finally give you the answer you’ve been looking for

  • How to overcome doubt coming from family, friends, and haters.

  • How to build a brand that people flock to and stay loyal to like Apple … without having to “be” anything you’re not.

  • The exact 3 things Luke used to TRIPLE his parents’ small business revenue in just 6 months.

  • The “special” kind of marketing Luke used and how it can make you money within a matter of weeks. HINT: this marketing doesn’t get you famous, but it can make you rich. And you can get good at it in a matter of weeks.

  • How Luke was able to triple his business without working triple the amount of time -- he now works less than he did in college.

  • The “NonJobber’s Guide” to growing your business almost overnight with Facebook and Google.

  • How to make simple websites that make bank and require almost no time or skill to build. This allows you to focus on the 5 NonJob Freedom Skills.

  • 10 Rules of Direct Marketing that Luke followed to achieve his success

  • Luke’s Ultimate Ad formula: Luke breaks down his “cash machine” that turns every $1 invested in advertising into $3-5 in revenue.

  • And more …

As they say on corny infomercials, “Wait! There’s More!”... We have even more special bonus content that is sure to help you claim your NonJob dreams.

Need Motivation? Want Inspiration? Then You’re Gonna Love This Presentation

After dropping out of college with over $40,000 of debt, living in his friend's house with no job, and having no back up plan for a secure future, Yahya Bakkar had the odds stacked against him.

Now, almost five years later, he's living the dream with his NonJob.

Yahya is a full-time motivational speaker who travels around the world inspiring young leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to dream big, live their truth and never give up on what's possible.

Yahya will get you pumped up, jacked up and on fuckin fire. Here’s a taste of what you’re gonna get:

  • Proven FREE WAYS to surround yourself with powerful mentors who'll invest in you and help you grow, even if you feel you’ve got “nothing to offer”.

  • Why being a “lone wolf” when building your NonJob is a mistake, and how Yahya found an alliance of support to help him accelerate his NonJob success.

  • How to maintain laser-beam focus to put yourself on the fastest path to success.

  • How to avoid shiny objects that derail most NonJobbers from success, and discover exactly where to focus your attention instead.

  • How to avoid the “perfectionist trap” most NonJobbers fall into when beginning. This trap is not forgiving, and can eat you alive, spitting you back into the 9-5 world.

  • How to avoid getting into the WRONG business that’ll suck up and drain your money, time, and energy.

  • How Yahya avoids “comparison paralysis”: the paralyzing feeling you get when you compare yourself with others.

  • The top 10 rookie mistakes to avoid when starting your NonJob. Avoiding these could make the difference between failing and living a life of resentments… or succeeding and living the life of your dreams.

  • Why making the “logical” decision might not be the best choice when starting your NonJob.

  • And tons more …

Here’s How You Can Get The 5 Skills To NonJob Freedom

I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on my education and business development, and continue to do so every year.

Not in the form of traditional schooling, but with programs just like this.

With every $1000 I invest into new knowledge, I always look to make back $10,000, $100,000, or even $1,000,000.

THIS is how the wisest NonJobbers use their money. And you can do this too.

It’s never money that’s “spent”. It’s INVESTED, because there’s a return to be made within weeks or months.

Truth be told, what you’re going to discover from this program is really a best shortcut to NonJob freedom, and an investment I’d make if I was starting over right now.

I’d pay up to $10,000 for the content in here, because I know how much wealth can be created from applying the wisdom that’s in here.

In addition to that, the knowledge shared is the result of millions of dollars invested on advertising tests, business development, and optimization experiments… that came out of our own pockets.

In essence, a lot of the “heavy lifting” has been done already.

We’re sharing what we’ve personally used to succeed, as part of our mission to help you Grow Stronger so you can empower others.

Right now, you can invest in the 5 Skills to NonJob Freedom for only …



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I Want The 5 Skills To NonJob Freedom...

You may be thinking: I’m strapped for cash and want to make sure this program is vaulable. Is there a guarantee or refund policy?

You’re covered solid by our 60 day complete money back guarantee.

Go through all the content and modules. Put the knowledge to action. Try the program out.

If you’re still unsatisfied for any reason at all, send an email to our support team and you’ll get your money back in full, as long as you let us know within 60 days of your purchase.

However — it’s conditional.

You must show proof you’ve taken action.

You can share screenshots of your websites, emails, Google Adwords accounts … anything that lets us know you put this material to use.

It doesn’t matter what it is.

We just want to know that you’ve given the program a fair shot and took action.

If you want to back out, you’ll have to work for it. And chances are — that work you do will bloom into a NonJob.

Fast-Action Bonus For ONLY The First 25 People Who Get The 5 Skills to NonJob Freedom Program

The first 25 people who get the program will be invited to a private and special 2 hour GROUP Q&A session with me.

This is to commend your commitment to taking action quickly, and embracing your Warrior.

You’ll get a chance to ask me ANY question related to building your NonJob. Whatever you’re struggling with the most -- ask me, and I’ll help you the best I can.

Normally 1-on-1 time with me is a $1000 per hour investment.

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Here's exactly what you will learn once inside the NonJob Members Dashboard:

The 5 Skills To NonJob Freedom Program



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  • Lifetime access to program content forever
  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee
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What NonJobbers Had To Say About Last Year's Summit...

I Can See How They Multiply The Results

I could see how they multiply the results. I had the preconceived notion that it would be "easier" to just do it all myself. The idea of letting go of the reigns seemed scary. But after seeing the presentations of each speaker and learning what it is they bring to the table, I could see how they multiply the results in both productivity and overall effectiveness. The cow and farmer analogy really brings that idea home for me.

*FTC Legal Disclaimer: The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors
Kelly Kusumoto

I was glad to get direction!

I was glad to get direction! I am definitely one of the aimless enthusiasm guys, but this weekend really gave me some concrete goals to focus on for marketing my book.

*FTC Legal Disclaimer: The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors
Rodion Raskolnikov

Best event in my entire life.

Best event in my entire life. Elliott and his friends will give you some amazing content. You'll learn new things and be amaze by how much health and magic "water" can do for you ... TAKE ACTION GUYS, whatever you're doing now is the right thing, no doubt about it.

*FTC Legal Disclaimer: The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors
Ben Nguyen

Trust Your Gut.

Your intuition is the most powerful form of wisdom you have access to.

As I’ve said many times in the past, the intelligence in your body is far wiser than what’s in our heads.

If you feel the excitement for getting your NonJob flying off the runway, I want you to trust your gut.

You’re at a fork in the road now and you’ve got 3 options.

Option #1: Do Nothing
And Say “NO” To Your Dream

That might sound dramatic, but it’s NOT.

98% of the population eventually says NO to their dream.

How do they do this?

It’s simple. They do NOTHING.

They eventually fall into a job they hate but they stay there because it’s comfortable.

They SETTLE. They compromise their dreams.

Don’t be that guy. It’s a bad way to live life.

If settling is not an option, I congratulate you.

Now you have to choose how you’re going to do make it happen.

There’s 2 ways: the hard way or the easy way

Option #2: The Hard Way

Either you learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid them, or you become the “mistake maker”.

If you want to do it on your own, here’s what you should be ready to do:

  • Spend tens of thousands of dollars on seminars and courses…

  • Lose thousands of dollars on “marketing experiments”…

  • Be ready to make mistakes with hiring… mistakes with marketing… mistakes with strategic decisions.

Now here’s the good news: EVENTUALLY if you don’t go bankrupt or die… you should start figuring stuff out.

Unless you’re a sucker for pain — I highly advise going with…

Option #3: The Wise Way

The wise way is simple: leverage the success of others.

Follow formulas.

Execute game plans.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

We’re offering this to you in this program.

We’re giving you our best methods.You’re getting our hard-earned secrets on a platinum platter.

Whatever option you choose, I wish you the best of success.