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NonJobs Mastermind 2015We’ve all been told that in order to succeed, you need to have a college or university education.

While there are some careers where you do need to have a degree in order to get a license to practice such as law or medicine, that is definitely not the case when it come to marketing and building an online business.

Here’s why.

When it comes to marketing, the most effective way to learn internet marketing  is to learn from the “masters of marketing”.

I can assure you that they are not teaching their craft in the colleges and universities.

The “masters” are the ones in the trenches.  They’re the ones who own and operate their own businesses and are rockin it.

The “masters of marketing” are the ones who are literally spending millions of dollars of their own money on AdWords, Facebook, SEO, etc., and are making a profit.

You can’t learn successful marketing techniques and strategies from people who are not in the trenches, operating with their own money, and being successful at it.

Which makes learning from these people, the most effective way to learn internet marketing.


Learn from the Masters of Marketing 


How can you go learn from the “masters of marketing”?  There are a variety of channels you
can tap into to learn from them.


There’s nothing quite like having a coach/mentor to teach you all the “tricks of the trade”. You can hire a marketing master to coach, mentor or consult with you.

Mastermind Groups

Another great way for you to learn is to join a mastermind group.

The concept of a mastermind group was created by Napoleon Hill with his book, Think and Grow

A mastermind is a group of highly intelligent, successful people who help each other maneuver
through challenges via their collective expertise, advice, connections as well as form joint-ventureships, aka, JV’s.

To join a mastermind group is usually by invitation only and to be invited is considered to be
an honor and will help you to make substantial gains in your business.


NonJobs Summit EventEvents such as conferences are a great opportunity to connect with a marketing master.  Often times they host events or appear as guest speakers at events. Attending an event is not only a great way to learn, it is also an excellent opportunity to network with your peers.

DIY Courses and Books

Those who have mastered the art of marketing, usually have books, online packages and training courses available for purchase.  You can glean a lot of insight and knowledge from these products, however, you do need to take action and actually apply the lessons taught.

It is all too common for people to buy and consume information products, never apply what they learn and instead of building their business, they build their “shelf esteem”.  Don’t be that person.


Learning Marketing from a Marketing Master vs. an Academic Education


Berlin Online Marketing Mastery Workshop

Let’s compare what a Marketing Master can teach you vs. an academic education.

When it comes to marketing, a college or university teaches “theory”, as opposed to
what’s been proven to work.

Most marketing professors teaching in a traditional academic setting have never built a business of their own. They’re not in the trenches writing sales copy, split testing, running ad campaigns, creating email copy and building an auto responder sequence.

Marketing changes every three months and is constantly evolving. They’re not keeping up with current marketing trends such as native advertising or building out a sales funnel.

What they are doing is regurgitating marketing “theory” that has been in textbooks for the past 20 years.  A lot of that information is outdated and will not serve you.

You spend four years getting a degree in marketing learning outdated theory expecting to take that “degree” and build a successful, profitable, business of your own.

It’s pretty obvious that an academic education in marketing won’t serve you as well and isn’t an effective way of learning internet marketing compared with learning from a “marketing master”.

This is one of the reasons why we are doing NonJobs events, workshops and mentorships so that you have the opportunity to learn from people who live and breathe internet marketing and hope to see you at one of our upcoming events soon.

NonJobs Summit 2015 Tampa Florida

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  1. Norman
    Norman Posted on September 27, 2015 at 4:50 pm

    Hi Matt,
    thnaks for the article. Great insights, of course. I would be interested in the question if internet-marketing works different in Germany as in USA due to a different mentality! Or are the laws of success the same in all western countrys? I will find out. Creating a new business out of nothing will reveal many things….Sadly I can´t afford coming to the summit, so I will work with what I have… Kind regards Norman from Germany