NonJobber Gina LoMonaco Empowers Women to Embrace Their Strength

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Gina LoMonaco | Fitness Professional and NonJobberWe wanted to share the experience of someone that not only attended the NonJobs Summit 2014 but whom also took what she learned and took her business to the next level. Take a look at what NonJobber Gina Lomonaco had to say…

“In January 2013, I resigned from my corporate ‘9-5’ job & made up my mind to return to what I am most passionate about.

In March 2014, I opened my own training gym & I used my personal experiences, knowledge & love for Health & Fitness as a vehicle to Empower women to Embrace their strength in order to Evolve & Emerge into a Greater version of themselves.

I am a Fitness Professional.

This is my Non-Job.

I do not have a J.O.B.

I have a Passion.

How about you?

The following year in November 2014, after Richard resigned from his J.O.B. & joined me, we attended the 1st Non-Job Summit & received intense, inspirational & extremely applicable guidance from Elliott Hulse, Dave Ruel, & Matt Gallant on how to grow our passion & have it reach the masses while creating the life we wanted for ourselves and most importantly, our little ‪#‎RICKZILLA‬.

If you know in your heart that the J.O.B. you are working/slaving/doing is NOT bringing you happiness….

if you have something that pulls at your heart strings everyday that you wish you could build your life around…

THIS is a powerful, educational, inspirational, REAL LIFE applicable summit you can not say no to.”

Gina Lomonaco | GEVOLUTION fitness

We are excited to have Gina as one of our guest speakers this year at the NonJobs Summit 2015 in Tampa, Florida. Here’s what she’ll be sharing with our attendees:


  • How to know when you’ve discovered your passion (aka your vehicle for unlimited wealth). Nailing this is key, because when you discover it, you can double down on it fast… as it’s your personal vehicle for making as much money as you want while having fun.
  • The “3 faces” of the NonJobs Hustler that you have to embrace so your NonJob can experience rapid and exponential growth — giving you ultimate freedom
  • How to build a brand that that people flock to and stay loyal to like Apple … without having to “be” anything you’re not.
  • And more…

You can connect with Gina Lomonaco on Facebook, and check out her website at GEVOLUTION fitness… empower. embrace. evolve. emerge.

See you in Tampa!!


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One Response to "NonJobber Gina LoMonaco Empowers Women to Embrace Their Strength"

  1. Luke Voigt
    Luke Voigt Posted on October 7, 2015 at 4:27 am

    AWESOME! Gina and Rick have become great friends of mine this past year and I look forward to hearing Gina speak. Their story is nothing short of inspirational… Can’t wait!